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Want to know what’s happening on your favorite rivers?  Too busy to locate and read all of the latest fishing reports?  Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you every week and email you the results, including a rating of the fishing quality.

But that’s not all!  We’ll also include a National Roundup, summarizing fly fishing conditions across the country, plus Snapshots from the most interesting and entertaining fishing reports of the week – photos, quotes and links.  See the latest on the home page.

The Troutsource Report combines all of the elements above into a first-of-its-kind weekly newsletter.

Stay plugged in like never before.  Stay in touch with your favorite waters.  Watch the seasons pass.

Wish you could fish more?  Do it vicariously with the Troutsource Report.


Subjectivity is involved when rating the fishing conditions of any river.  Thus, before making any travel decisions, we recommend that you read all of the original reports yourself and contact the local fly shops and guides yourself to confirm what you are reading.

As a general rule, in the absence of current information, Troutsource will downgrade a river’s fishing quality by one notch (unless it’s already Fair, in which case a downgrade to Poor would only occur if weather or water conditions changed dramatically for the worse).   An exception to this rule may be made if weather and water conditions are unchanged and/or there is a known hatch occurring.  In the end, fishing quality can be a very subjective call, so you should also verify conditions on your own, using the links and phone numbers on the site.

Regarding safety, Troutsource makes no claim as to the safety of fishing any river under any conditions.  The only people that can answer questions of safety are the fly shops and guides who are there and know the river intimately.  Please be safe.  People drown every year on the rivers.